How is COVID-19 affecting mental health?

  • It’s not the Covid- 19 that’s affecting my mental health. It’s the gypsy that’s bothering me that’s Dan, and his astral projection buddies that are impacting my psychological health, and my third eye being caught to this house in California, and I remain in Florida.

    I require the federal government to eliminate your house. The Virgin Mary’s ghost channel me, and I don’t understand how to open, and close the third eye. I didn’t know you had to, or actually know much about magical stuff. I was playing with magic, and I got stuck. That Gypsy Dan knew my clairaudience would open up, and the psycho gypsy has actually been stalking me considering that 2013, and now. trying to” USE” me to upgrade himself, and trying to balance with Sylvia Browne, and has actually been harming me, and other people by threatening me to be discovered, and well-known.

    He believes he’s some GOD, and wants everybody to praise him. He’s truly arrogant, and nasty. He’s envious of my brain (third eye), and my” heart” since he’s a pisces moon, a nd is a nusiance to the industry, and me. He keeps belittling me, and threatening me, and trying to avoid me from being balance with the industry, and insulting me, and informing me to not upgrade myself. Or informing other people to not update me.

    He’s been lying about me, and lying to the people in your house about me, and some currently understand he’s lying, and lying about me too. He’s trying to make me dedicate suicide, and go brain dead.

    That’s his goal. He’s a psycho path.

    So. the people in your home are belitting me, and insulting me everyday, and calling me ugly, and stating how I’m upgraded in the market, and how arrogant, and indicate it’s mind, and heart is. That’s all I listen to.

    I listen to identity scams of pretending to be me, and continuously. putting me down, a nd Yelling at me so I can hear it.

    This gypsy dan has telepathy, and is reading my mind without my consent, a nd does not like me. since he’s insulting me, and pretending to be me. He isn’t my gypsy anyways, it’s Joanne.

    This gypsy Dan originated from Nick Wellner who’s my enemy, and is a nusiance. He’s been discarded from the market, and he got back into the market, and he’s been discarded again, and he’s shouting, and taking it out on me, and very same with the people in the house.

    They’re informing me how everything shows” BAD” on me. when they have actually been the one discarded. So. Amber is pretending to be me that’s truly Angela online.

    Amber get’s discarded, and say’s Amber is Angela that’s me. How aggravating, and irritating to handle a narcassistic lady. You dispose her, and she tosses it on someone else, and state’s it isn’t me.

    You tell her it’s a no, and she inform’s Angela it’s a no, and it’s not her. She state’s I’m balance with this Sultan of Brunie home, and state’s I’m balance with the market, and state’s I’m not fat. I’m balance with a tummy tuck, and they’re going to renovate me.

    She’s unsightly, and she state’s it’s Angela that’s her that’s ugly, but yet she’s pretending to be me, which’s Angela.

    Pretty manipulative, and shrewd I state to pretend to be me. that’s Angela, and after that reverse getting disposed, and tossing it on Angela.

    You’re calling Angela ugly, fat, and hairy, and how your Girlfriend is a lot prettier then me, and I stated often times I’m not attempting to upgrade myself, and I’m told to stay away from the market.. that isn’t Angela who’s Amber. If you were Angela that was Amber you would be modest looking, and not asking anyone for anything, and have a nasty mean mouth, and is pompous looking.

    You would first off be some what chubby, and not really over weight that’s fat. The other is Angela isn’t ditsy, she’s mono tone, and wise.

    The other is Angela is half white, and mixed, and Amber is complete blooded white. The other is Amber isn’t psychic, it’s Angela that’s psychic, however she thinks she’s psychic, and she’s been discarded, and informed she isn’t.

    She’s a narcassist that’s Amber, and Angela isn’t a vain person. She’s exceptionally modest, and has presents for individuals in the industry that are victims of her bullying them, and the affect has to do with me since of Nick Wellner.

    The other is Amber keeps insulting me, and so how is she Angela?

    Amber is spiteful, and I’m not. Angela has a scorpio Mars, and is self controlled, and not weak, and acting wacko with malicious intent all over the industry.

    Amber has a pisces Mars, and a Pisces Venus, and a Capricorn Moon. She keeps utilizing people, and is a gold digger. Angela isn’t asking anyone in the industry to update her, and using people for it’s cash.

    Angela has a Capricorn Venus, however she’s particular with love, and isn’t a slut. Amber is pretending to be me, and trying to upgrade me as a pornography star slut, and trying to balance me as some slut with screwing rock stars all over the market. Well. for beginners I originate from a conservative back ground, and I’m not a slut.

    I have a brain, and isn’t physical looking. I’m drawing, and painting, a nd Amber isn’t. If amber was me. she would have art work to reveal individuals in the market.

    The other is the presents I purchased people that are victims of being harassed. If I was inside your house with Amber. she would have boxe’s and have Jackie’s address since she in fact fulfilled her, and offered it to me.

    There’s no gifts or boxes in your home, therefore you’re not Angela who’s Amber. It’s I develop, and not I use.

    That’s who’s affecting my mental state of mind because I’m psychic, and I have clairaudience, and I stuck listening to it’s nasty mouth out loud. It isn’t simply her, it’s the entire house. The people are morally indecent, and nasty looking.



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