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  • My mom was always busy and I invested most of my years at my auntie’s home.

    To be truthful, my childhood would be a disaster if it weren’t for my cousins, my aunties and my maternal grandma.

    My moms and dads were always hectic.

    I found out a few things from my aunt. Her child grew up quite well due to the fact that my auntie made continuous efforts.

    It was various for me and my brother.

    We barely saw our moms and dads.

    I have little to no memories with my moms and dads. And I don’t keep in mind the time 4 of us really got together to eat.

    Bad upbringing completely ruined my sibling.

    By the time my mommy appreciated what he was doing, he was currently into drugs, bad impact and destroying his life.

    The only thing my moms and dads did to him while maturing was offering him as much money as they could.

    And to this day, he admits he does not understand the value of money.

    He is 25 and he still feels as if our mother is entitled to provide him cash.

    He spends all too much.

    He is very patriarchal, hits women and is violent. He says he learned it from our moms and dads because that’s the side of my papa he saw growing up and no one informed him how wrong it was.

    He treats ladies like shit.

    Eventually, he also offered things from our home exclusively for drugs: our laptop computer, our tv etc.

    And honestly, my brother cares about no one but himself.

    He does not say it, however to some point, he is emotionally numb.

    He talks as if he is among the richest people in the world. That’s what he found out maturing. He believed we were extremely abundant.

    He carries a mindset where he believes he’s much better than me, my mommy and everyone in our household. It’s due to the fact that my mama carries that exact same attitude. And he saw it.

    He has constantly been influenced by his circle of buddies. And considering that my parents didn’t take interest in any of that, he had bad impacts.

    I believe I’ll always thank my auntie more than my mom for the values I’ve learned.

    My aunts constantly made me feel cared and enjoyed, but it wasn’t enough for me.

    Every time I met my mama, it was as if I was fulfilling someone distant.

    And I barely even talked to my mother. She didn’t seem like a part of my family.

    When you hear mommy though, you just expect to be close. But we weren’t.

    If I saw my mommy once in 6 months, then it was as soon as in a year when it concerned my daddy.

    Our home appeared like a “haunted” home – as people phrased it.

    But when I was studying in 8th grade, my mom decided to stick with me.

    Exact same room. Exact same bed.

    I can’t tell you how awkward it was.

    I didn’t know what to say. It felt odd to say mama.

    And we both had entirely different schedules, so we barely even got the chance to talk.

    All this while, my sibling’s life was going downhill.

    Now my brother’s 25 and he has actually been doing nothing after graduating high school.

    It has actually been a few months considering that he’s ended up being drug-free and I hope it lasts.

    It took him a very long time and he typically blames our parents for not caring enough and guiding him.

    What he stated is partially. When he initially started doing drugs, he most likely didn’t understand if it was wrong. He began in his early teens.

    However by this point, he was well-grown up and walked around offering advice, so he should’ve known it was wrong.

    All of this shaped me for the better.

    When I saw my brother’s actions, I knew what NOT to do. It brought my moms and dads a lot pain and I didn’t want that.

    When I saw my member of the family’ discriminating habits towards me (for e.g – I wasn’t enabled to be in a relationship however my bro had brought numerous ladies home and had a live-in relationship too), I understood what sort of person I didn’t want to be.

    When I saw family fights and when I saw my family members tearing each other down, I understood what type of family I didn’t want.

    When I saw my family members taking advantage of individuals who could not stand up for themselves (mainly people inside family), I knew how disgusting it was and I decided to defend myself.

    And when I felt hurt about my parents not hanging out with me or assisting me when I required the most, I understood what sort of parent I didn’t wish to be.

    However there are constantly 2 sides, naturally.

    I selected to learn from it.

    There was also the possibility that I would have been the exact same: violent, discriminating, know-it-all attitude, extremely patriarchal etc.

    During my academic year, I had enough downtime and honestly no one even cared about where I went or what I did.

    I might have done so numerous “bad” things but I didn’t. Rather I selected to stay at home and study.

    And I spoke about the advantages. Every time I saw a caring family, I wondered how great it would be to have such a family.

    All of this took its toll on me. I sobbed continuously. And seeing delighted households typically made me unfortunate.

    It was really tough to decide to forgive my moms and dads. It wasn’t a one-day thing after all.

    Even though it was pretty bad, I’ll probably be thanking them for the rest of my life because if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

    Yes it does impact one’s personality however I believe it depends upon the individual too.

    Thanks for the A2A Jayden

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