Has anybody coped with serious anxiety for life?

  • I had many depressive episodes. I have actually been detected with bipolar disorder and plan not to go further in psychiatric therapy at the minute … I am rather sure I likewise live with a bunch of other mental illnesses that needed medication, currently I do not have access to these for factors I want not to share now, only what comes to my mind without more research or remembrance. I say sorry ahead of time for not being, by any means, total …:-RRB-

    There is no cure for bad memories, but acquiring – that is, making – more appealing, great memories. It is not always a great idea – to be truthful, I believe it is downright ridiculous – to embark alone en route out to do this. I did it many times and was successful about at a really small portion, my expectations were usually beyond what might be accomplished by my minimal effort. Still, the really goal of this “game” is survival alone outside, so it is inescapable that a person needs to go into the wild, meeting “typical” people and show strong enough not to regression, die, or worse (break others’ life, induce anxiety in others).

    I think depression is generally a family health problem and a social phenomena. So factors and options will always be first looked for in the instant environment, including the virtual environment brought by media.

    Since my experience, depressed people can not conserve other depressed people, however might relieve sustaining the associated discomfort and can assist finding the factors. That is what compassion is for and it is essential, I believe, but inadequate, considering that there is a link between the sensation of loneliness, vulnerability, and so on and the extremely direct, material state of the body consisting of all the physical conditions and the real situation, these are paired and the coupling is locked by the limited awareness and with each act of communication it is being affected (at many levels) – in case of individuals sharing the condition, there is a high opportunity of making the problem even worse simply by speaking about it the wrong method.

    It is not just an illness that will go away with time, time is not the response by itself but an agent for things that are “self-healing” – but just if the self-healing home has fulfilled its adequate condition. It is – to make things more complex – not a single condition but a system of interdependent conditions and the minimal system needs to stay completely intact. A single disruption can mess up the entire thing. So we need to make sure. We need to sustain the system no matter what. It is difficult. As a matter of fact, it seems impossible in the depressed state, that is why a healthy, able, external person at least is needed to diagnose and gain control of the corresponding conditions. The one with the “illness” may be even more depressed when getting response and proof about his or her condition and will take it most seriously, so it is essential to – in a likewise major way – pull him or her and watch out very thoroughly for inhibitions of the recovery process.

    Substance abuse can very well take it to a much more harmful level, present physical and mental dependency, especially when the patient is given control of acquiring and using it by his or her will. I am not against it and I likewise do not promote it, I gave up doing it because the lack of feedback. I regrettably did a great deal of drug experiments on myself and still recuperate from the effects, but can not state it is a thing to unconditionally avoid. Control, setting and security are the keywords concern my mind on this …

    Psychiatric Therapy on its own will not resolve anything if the environment is unaware of it and keep stimulating the depressed one, reinforcing the condition.

    I am likewise a bit paranoid here, however I think one needs to be eventually careful, whom to share the depressive stuff with. There are people who will in return share much worse stuff, untreated stuff and indicate no aid at all – other than for making us laugh/think/be active and hopeful again. Enjoyable and delight definitely helps reducing the symptoms. And it turns out (that’s why I will never give up on my depressed friends), that the saddest ones can really cheer up the ones with milder depression, right on time. They can be the greatest jokers, yet the most severe thinkers and see more plainly than any of the healthy crowd.

    I also believe that – offered in shape options – conscious, sober excercise, art and all type of relaxing, creative work are right methods to treat any kind of depression.

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