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  • Hello Everyone! Very excited to have created my very own Space here on Quora. Gold Medal Answers will be a curation of the best answers to questions, the standouts, top of class, numero uno, hombre #1, Top Dawg, Mr. Shakespeares. (It will not feature my own answers.) Gold Medal Answers will feature: * Gre…

    Financial analyst turned writer. · Mon ·

    Very sad and disturbing.

    What disturbed you today?

    Not today but yesterday. I read an article about a girl called Slađana Vidović. She was 16 years old when she commited suicide by hanging back in 2008. What disturbed me were the circumstances around it. She immigrated to the US from Croatia to a place that was considered one of the “100 best places to…

    New military grade telescope lets you see for miles!

    Incredible monocular has 10x military-grade zoom so you can see clearly from miles away.

    Financial analyst turned writer. · 14h ·

    Great answer from an esteemed physics professor.

    What’s the most infuriating moment in any movie ever made?

    In the movie Deep Impact when the scientists decide to nuke the incoming comet before it hits the Earth. I practically jumped out of my seat and shouted out loud (but I restrained myself) “Didn’t you read my book??!!” I was referring to my first book “Nemesis — the Death Star” (now out of print) in…

    Financial analyst turned writer. · Sep 15 ·

    Great answer.

    Why can’t we send flat Earthers to space and show them the shape of Earth?

    You all want to know something funny? My wife is a smart gal. She is a scientist and a chemist at heart and her understanding of sciences is advanced. She is the STEM half of our marriage while I am the humanities half. My brother-in-law (her brother), Billy, is the antithesis of my wife. He became l…

    Financial analyst turned writer. · Sep 9 ·

    Great one.

    If a startup has a great product, then why don’t people buy it still?

    Startup mistake: “I have a great product. Come and buy it!” “I have the best business idea. You should invest in it!” “My product is the best in the market. I deserve your money!” — I’ve made this mistake so many times, it’s painful! It’s probably one of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when starti…

    Financial analyst turned writer. · Sep 9 ·

    Please check my friend Franklin’s writing out. He’s going through some legal/financial troubles. Reading his content helps support him.

    What are your opinions on the doomsday theory saying the Sun will become micronova in 2046 or how the Sun has 12,068 year cycles and not 15,000?

    My thoughts are, the people who believe these doomsday predictions are absolutely fascinating. I’m not being sarcastic. I mean it. There’s something profound and interesting about how deeply woven doomsday beliefs are through the human psyche. In my university days, I used to host End of the World par…

    What are the best car insurance rates of 2022?

    No matter what auto insurance options you choose, you don’t want to overpay.

    Financial analyst turned writer. · Aug 31 ·


    How will you explain The Matrix trilogy in simple terms?

    It is not about this guy: He is just a pawn. It is about this lady. Everything is about this lady: This is how the story goes: 1. Humans create AI (artificial intelligence) 2. AI rebels and a war for survival between humans and AI begins. 3. Humans pollute the skies to block the sunshine, a.k.a. the energy source…

    Financial analyst turned writer. · Sep 3 ·

    Makes sense.

    As it’s Pride Month, what is something you would like to share with others about the LGBTQ community that could help spread awareness and just share knowledge to help open other people’s eyes?

    The death of the gay community as we know it is the implied goal of gay rights and the best thing that can possibly happen to gays in the US. It’s ostensibly the goal of liberalism— the invalidation of communities of exclusivity. Lots of people have extrapolated where that goes and don’t like it, bu…

    Financial analyst turned writer. · Aug 31 ·

    Informative answer.

    Are there forbidden documentaries?

    Does anyone likes to watch someone shitting on toilet? I guess no. But, a documentary named KAKKOOS (Toilet) made in Tamil Language has been watched by more than 500K people on Youtube. However, this documentary was denied certification by CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification) and subsequently d…

    Financial analyst turned writer. · Sep 1 ·


    Why do programmers wear headphones while programming?

    For the same reason recruiters and admins and QA testers and lawyers do — open office floor plans. It’s basically a corporate cult. In fact, every argument for them is like listening to people argue against vaccines. It’s all emotional garbage dependent upon arguments from authority. Open office floo…

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