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    Can you explain the class 12 assessment of CBSE after the cancellation of exams? (30% from class 10, 30% from class 1a and 40% from class 12)

    BIG ANNOUNCEMENT BY CBSE ACCORDING TO CBSE NEW NOTIFICATION CLASS 12TH RESULT WILL BE DECLARED BY CALCULATING FOLLOWING:— 1. 30% of CLASS 10TH (Best of 3 subjects) 2. 30% of CLASS 11TH FINAL RESULT 3. 40% OF CLASS 12TH (Unit / Mid-term/ Pre Board and overall class performance) Results will be declared on 30th of…

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    I am girl studying in class 12th and I desperately need a boyfriend to solve my depression problem. How do I get a loving and caring boyfriend during COVID?

    Whosoever asked this question, I would like to tell her about my experience regarding this. I’ve been through the same phase which you are going through. So, what i learnt from my past phase is that, It is the harsh reality that ‘nobody’ cares whatever happens to you, even your closest ones except y…

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    I’m for JEE 2022,Now I’m studing in a 3 share PG hostel 4500/- per mon., but there are some disturbances, so I want to take a single sharing room which costs 7000 so I can create my own study space. Is it a worthy decision?plz anyone answer

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    I am right now in class 12 and going to write neet 2022, if I start my preparation now will I crack it? I am very down lost self confidence, motivation feeling very down thinking about ending my life pls give some tips and ideas …

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    I have wasted much time, now I have only 15 days left for JEE Mains, plzz suggest me something so that I can score 60-70 marks out of 300 🥺?

    I think by scoring 60–70 you will not get a good NIT ….so better utilize your remaining days…if u are too much dedicated then take a drop and hustle….. See any entrance examination is not a child’s play…you must need atleast 60 days to revise it….. So don’t do day dream better try to give your best…. …

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    What is the special assessment scheme for class X & XII board exams 2021-22, announced by the CBSE?

    CBSE has announced a special assessment scheme for class 10 & 12 board exams for next year in of the COVID-19 pandemic. CBSE decides to divide Academic session into two terms with approximately 50% syllabus in each term. ▪️ Term 1 exam to be conducted between November-December 2021. ▪️ Term 2 or Y…

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    What are the pros and cons of CBSE’s new two-term examination scheme for the 2021-2022 academic session?

    The essential details of this system are given below:— The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has come out with a plan for Class 10 and 12 Board exams for academic year 2021-2022. Instead of one Board exam at the end of the year, the academic session has been bifurcated into two terms, with…

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    Term II Board Examination is scheduled in march to April and is similiar to CBSE Board exams in previous years. What is the difference?

    I think the difference is that students doesn’t have to study the entire syllabus for term 2 examination. Earlier you had to prepare everything from the beginning. …

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    Should I buy “Arihant CBSE All in One” or “Arihant NCERT Exemplar Problem-Solutions” or both for my kids?

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    What will be the effect on students if they do not have exams?

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