Can you have stress and anxiety without a quick heart rate?

  • Can you have anxiety without a quick heart rate?

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    Yes, as unusual as I have constantly believed it is, an individual with Stress and anxiety, even serious, chronic Stress and anxiety, can still have a heart rate of around 60 BPM and even fan while awake.

    Even when the stress and anxiety ‘Flares Up’ it may only go to 72 BPM.

    I have actually never fathomed that one out, as reasoning says to me, if your nervous and scared, I would have believed the heart rate would go over the average 80 BPM.

    In my thoughts, rationally, it ought to be around 100 – 120 BPM, but it is proven, that I can take the pulse of an extremely distressed person and discover it in between 56–64 BPM.

    I still discover it strange, even in my older life. It actually does not make rational sense to me, and I make sure a lot of other professionals, will say similar findings.

    The response is definitely Yes, you can have a sluggish heart rate with anxiety.

    Is a heart rate of 120 hazardous?

    It depends.

    Is this a resting heart rate after you were sitting silently for 5 minutes? Or were you doing something?

    How often do you take your heart rate? Is it generally 120 or doe sit vary?

    Do you also take your High blood pressure? What is that?

    How is your diet plan, weight, age, general health? Do you eat a lot of foods with salt?

    Regular variety is 60–100 beats per minute (at rest) for an adult.

    If you are worried about your heart rate, you should take it and your blood pressure two times a day, and make a chart for 2 weeks and see if there is a pattern.

    Regular BP for a grownup has to do with 120/80

    Hey There!

    Yes. you in fact CAN.

    Stress and anxiety can have a variety of somatic representation, for example:

    vertigo, queasiness and even vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, quick heartbeat, sleeping disorders, and so on

    BUT, if we are speaking about PANIC ATTACKS … they do not go without speedin’ heart rate.

    Due To The Fact That I’m not a licensed Psychiatrist (just a Chronic Anxiety, BPD, and PTSP identified and treated for several years, in addition to M.D.-Cardiologist), my knowledge and viewpoint do not replace the real professional examination!


    I make sure you can speak with your family physician or a professional, due to the fact that all the other signs are essential too, and you haven’t composed any of them if they exist.:–RRB-

    All the best!


    yes!! so a fast heart rate is a sign of an anxiety or panic attack, which does not necessarily have to occur to have a stress and anxiety condition! for me, i experience anxiety attacks and sometimes panic attacks where my heart rate is elevated nevertheless, i don’t experience breathing problems (which the majority of people figure out as an anxiety attack). you can have various signs and it is still appropriate. as long as you have the core irrational worry, it’s stress and anxiety. i dream you all the very best, and i hope you can find treatment if you are experiencing anxiety, due to the fact that it’s no fun!!


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    I’m no doctor, but I am really keen on the cardiovascular system. A heart rate of 120–130 beats is an unsafe level. A routine heartbeat is 60–100 beats per minute. Anything faster than that is considered to be tachycardia. This is bad since if your heart beats to quickly, it indicates its working too hard and it’s stagnating blood through the body as it’s supposed too. The heart chamber is likewise not getting filled with enough blood in time between beats.

    Can a high heart rate trigger an abrupt death? I’m 95 at rest, however I’m healthy. I’m 18 years of ages.

    Resting heart beat for an adult is 60 to 100 beats per minute. You remain in that variety so you are completely typical.

    Unsure where others are getting their info.

    But unexpected death comes not from a high heart rate but from heart disease if you are worried about your heart. Your heart is made to work at more than double the resting beat throughout work or exercise.

    Information here from the Mayo Clinic

    2 simple, accurate ways to determine your heart rate

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