Can blood pressure boost due to heavy gas and …

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    I have actually been having high blood pressure on n off spikes considering that past 1 and half year. One of the medical professionals at first put me on Telma 40 mg. It brought my BP down however had dreadful effects on my body. With some weight loss I got down to Olmesar 20 mg. The BP problems kept coming on and off. With nothing working to keep the BP consistent, they desired me to begin Beta-Blocker (I am simply 33). I was told about Ayurveda and naadi pariksha. The ayurvedic medical professional I spoke with right away told me it’s all due to vaata prakruti, gases and high level of acidity resulted from my years and years of my irregular eating habits. That’s it. I am now working on acidity medication and my bp is basically in control now. Way better than it was before.

    P.S. I am not a doctor. I have gone through the misery of BP medication, anxiety and hence loss of confidence and thus wamted to share my experience.

    Now I’m exercising heavily, concentrating on timely consuming. That’s it

    Yes, It’s 100%sure, Gas can trigger High BP. I am having the very same problem.

    It occurs sometimes when you have an excessive gas that cause Hypertension.

    I am not a physician however I have actually sought advice from to docs and carry out all tests relating to HIGH BP. but all are typical (ECG, Kidneys tests, heart tests).

    then I started taking caring of my stomach to prevent from this occurring.

    You can do following things to spare this problem quickly

    1. Garlic 2– 3 pieces in the early morning time.
    2. Daily exercise and walking
    3. Lemon warm water
    4. Avoid from taking water while eating (take water after 20 minutes of your meal )

    A very crucial things: please don’t think about it more. simply remain cool. it will help you to remedy for it quickly

    If you have nothing in your reports then no requirement to fret.

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    Yes it does

    Hypertension runs in our family and my daddy is on hypertension medicines because last 20 years. He was going fairly stable when last night his BP went off the charts and showed 175 to 85 on the display.

    We stressed and I made an emergency call to our doctor who upon understanding his condition sounded equally concerned and stressed us more. He prescribed a heavy dose and asked us to see him tomorrow early morning first thing. It was 11.45 pm, I asked my dad to relax and take deep breaths and I immediately marched to buy the medicine. I also asked my spouse to play unwinding songs on YouTube.

    The medical store guy asked me if my daddy was having any food digestion problems that day. My daddy informed me on the phone that he had been feeling bloated since morning and even had a few journeys to the restroom in the evening.

    In the end he just took a routine medication (Pan D) which assists in indigestion and by God’s grace his readings had actually boiled down to 135 to 80.

    So what I want to say here is that you must constantly take a consultation. Your physician might be excellent however he has a great deal of things going on in his mind so he might not ask you if your digestion has actually been great that day and may quickly recommend you a greater dosage looking at your circumstance.

    Constantly remember worrying about high BP will only make it worse.

    Cut down on the stress, hang around with your household, don’t run after materialistic things. You won’t have the ability to take them with you in your final journey.

    So enjoy, crack jokes and love your life.

    You only get it once.

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    I have actually had anxiety attack and stress and anxiety episodes specifically due to gas. Lots of a times when you are bloated or gassy your chest feels heavy offering a feeling of anxiousness. This frequently leads people to fret and the stress and anxiety increases, often leading to a stimulate in high blood pressure. Another symptom of gas is fast heart rate, due to the fact that of the distance of the esophagus to the vagus nerve. I have actually lost count the variety of times my fast heart rate went down to normal once I burped.


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    You might feel discomfort in your chest if gas has actually gathered in your stomach or in the left part of your colon. Gas can become caught in your digestion tract when you swallow excessive air. There are other food-related reasons you may feel gas discomfort near your chest.

    Heartburn or indigestion can cause stomach acid to leak up into the esophagus and cause sharp chest discomforts from burping.

    Heartburn, likewise called gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), can trigger air to end up being caught in your esophagus. The feeling can trigger stress and anxiety, which then leads to a short burst of heart palpitations.

    Gallbladder illness can cause pains in the chest from excess gas. You’ll also experience a loss of appetite, nausea, chills and pale stools with this problem.

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    Hey guys …! Now a days I m suffering from stomach gas and everyday my b.p shoots … i have actually done all the tests … fsh test. e.c.g and cholesterol and h.pylori … butt all the tests are negative … i m struggling with extreme anxiety … the dctr had advised me to lose some weight nd try to make myself out of the anxiety … i m trying but it’s not working … can anyone let me know exists any connection of stomach gas with high b.p?


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    Yes long times your gas and hyper acidity can increase high blood pressure transiently, but that is not a cause for High blood pressure. follow an appropriate lifestyle of diet plan, water in take and exercise with yoga & & meditation, avoid fermented and unhealthy food.


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    Any unpleasant, difficult circumstance will increase your BP. This transient increase is not dangerous, unless you are also a hypertensive at rest.


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    Digestive system is likewise called stomach system.

    Gases push down the food through gastrointestinal track.

    However these gases and acids must mix with the food and belong to the poop.

    When we experience indigestion, gases and acids are separated from the food and find exit path from …

    When we do Not digest the food, the body will make less energy out of the same food.

    Now body requires energy to carry on the life processes.

    To cover up for less Minerals/ energy source per system of blood, the body will require to pump more fluid to create the exact same quantity of energy.

    Take an example –

    You have a 100 tonne godown. A 5 tonne car. To fill the whole godown you require to make 20 journeys x 5 = 100 tonnes and godown will be complete.

    Now if you make an extension to the godown of 20 tonnes the capacity of the godown will be 120 tonnes.

    Now either the vehicle will need to make 24 journeys to fill the entire godown (blood pressure).

    Or the automobile will have to carry 6 tonnes per trip x 20 = 120 tonnes (blood sugar level).

    So in both cases we need to increase the resting metabolic rate (our food digestion) to treat bp and blood sugar.

    I believe it’s the other method round, too much Acidity, Gas and flatulence can cause greater BP in some individuals.

    That’s why individuals experience headaches associated with Acidity or Gas.


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