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  • Diagnosed with Bipolar I · Wed ·

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    Just my individual experience, some of that is what I did right away after I took Latuda (an antipsychotic). I only took that once. I take Seroquel now, and I had comparable but much weaker signs. They gave me another medicine to help the adverse effects, it assisted a lot. Regardless, bring it approximately your …

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    I take prolonged release, and I love it !!! It really cleared up my thinking. Extended release, and basic release have various outcomes and side effects. The pharmacist verified that the extended release has far less and milder adverse effects than the basic release does. I discovered that the exten …

    I take it for my schizophrenia however I also have bipolar. It helps me sleep when I can not sometimes. It assisted considerably with my voices and hallucinations. I’m on 50 mg I think. I’m also on different medications for my major anxiety and anxiety. I get manic often but I tried a medication to ca …

    Bipolar Illness II, respected author, vibrant observer · 20 h ·

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    For me, the advantages exceed the side-effects. The factor I’m composing this answer is because many people hesitate to take medication for their psychological health. It is a huge action and a big decision. There can be severe side-effects and you require to analyze the dangers of being non-medicated vs the risks …

    Diagnosed with Bipolar I · Sat ·

    What is the medication for brain fog?

    First step. Consult with a sleep expert and schedule a sleep study. The medical facility tends to treat numerous things with medications, long prior to they delve into cause and prevention, stress, lifestyle, exercise and diet. In the meantime, give up caffeine. It is appealing, when feeling g.

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    No. I have been on a high dosage for many years’s. I need to expect greater sedation than I would like, however bipolar 1 needs extra sleep and I don’t gave a task to report to early in the morning.

    Bipolar Illness impacts an individual’s state of mind and is usually characterized by changes in an individual’s thoughts, sensations, and behaviors. Individuals with bipolar affective disorder might experience periods of uncharacteristic ecstasy, anger, or irritation, also known as mania. Mood swings are also possible. In addition, some individuals with bipolar illness might experience many of the symptoms associated with depression, such as frustrating thoughts of unhappiness or despondence.

    Mania and Hypomania

    Major Depressive Episode


    If you are currently self-destructive, please call 911 or a suicide hotline, such as: 1-800- SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433) or 1-800-273- TALK (1-800-273-8255) in the United States.


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