Autoimmune/Immune Illness

  • Autoimmune/Immune Disease

    Lupus, RA, Sjogrens, myositis, scleroderma, MS, PIDD, CF, chemo, and more!

    I have to take a week off methotrexate, before I get the Carona vaccine- can I expect any withdrawl? (Been on it for 7 months)

    I wound up taking 2 weeks off, at a pharmacists recommendation, before discovering I’m actually ineligible for the vaccine anyhow. I didn’t feel any withdrawals, but I did discover a huge pain difference. I have actually never ever been rather so grateful for 6 little tablets once a week. The relief came as quickly as I st

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    What could I have if I have all of the signs of rheumatoid arthritis however I’ve been evaluated and I do not have it?

    connective tissue disease is the umbrella term for many autoimmune conditions. It’s a minefield. Unsure what tests and blood work you have actually had done so it’s hard to state there’s a mountain of possibilities. You might not learn for several years. 13 yrs in and I do not have a particular diagnosis. I’m likewise

    What could I have if I have all of the signs of rheumatoid arthritis however I’ve been checked and I do not have it?

    Hey. My Mum has RA (and SLE) and I’m truly sorry to hear that you’re experiencing those symptoms. We’re you tested unfavorable by a blood test alone, or have they done some imaging also? It’s possible to have RA whilst being negative for Rheumatoid Factor in the blood. It’s called Serologically Negat

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    What conditions and conditions are considered immunecompromised? Studies revealed immunocompromised people had significantly decreased actions to the mRNA vaccines therefore the possibility of more serious development COVID. Should they continue testing?

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    What could I have if I have all of the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis however I’ve been checked and I do not have it?

    There are numerous possibilities out there which could trigger the exact same signs of RA. I have actually dealt with the damaging results of lyme illness; and I can tell you without concern, a few of the pain and swelling I have in joints at times is identical to the symptoms of RA. I was regrettable because w

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    How are you feeling if you have an autoimmune illness, and have gotten one and even 2 dosages of a COVID-19 vaccine?

    I’m British and therefore have had the AstraZeneca vaccine and although I have itp I was simply lethargic and tired the day after so that might have been a response or a flare! Fingers crossed I have some resistance as I have actually had covid and do not want it once again.

    Anyone here struggle with Sjogren’s in addition to burning mouth pain syndrome? Have you discovered anything that assists the burning mouth pain?

    Try Infant Oragel. I put it in the refridgerator and it feels better to apply when it is cold in the beginning. Simply rub it around your gums. Likewise, more hydration. Gatorade.

    Anyone here suffer from Sjogren’s together with burning mouth discomfort syndrome? Have you found anything that helps the burning mouth discomfort?

    I have this along with dentures that compounds the burning. I take gabapentin for the burning, Ibuprofen, and pilocarpine (Salagen) which is expected to increase saliva. Non work 100%but it’s all there is out there to assist besides consuming a great deal of water. I don’t go anywhere without a bottle of wat

    What could I have if I have all of the signs of rheumatoid arthritis but I’ve been tested and I do not have it?

    I have actually been dealt with for RA for eleven years. I have actually experienced various RA physical and psychological concerns consisting of swollen joints, headaches, separated retina, fatigue, depression, and more. However, my blood tests have been unfavorable. It’s a genuine strange illness.

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